Town of Dayton is Doomed – To Its Own Ineptness

Went to the “special” meeting on June 8th; here’s what was special about it:

A disgraced, unseated, former town chairman was allowed to run the meeting.

The current town board allowed him to run the meeting.

The town board told residents they could vote and leave – even while public comments were still going on.

In other words, the meeting was run no better than those run by the self-identifying idiots of past administrations.  What was accomplished by electing a new board?

The current town chairman gave his “estimate” of the costs of a part-time and a full-time employee, and declared them to be equivalent to the cost of the two elected officials.  Here is where he was wrong – and why he deserves to work with Judy Suhs for another 5 years:

The employee was going to work in the town office for somewhere between 8-12 additional hours, including Saturday hours.

So the two options are not equal: in one option you get 4 hours of disgruntled elected officials who don’t want to be there; and, in the other option you get 12-16 hours of customer service from a motivated employee, who needs to perform satisfactorily or get fired.  The elected officials can’t be fired – even when they are fired.

Is there anyone in this county who can develop a “cost benefit analysis” ?  No.

So, Dayton keeps it’s elected matrons – who do their work in the shadows without even the pretense of supervision and dismiss “customer service” as though it was some form of punishment.

You wanted them, you keep them.