High School Dealing Caffeine to Students?

While I was at the Dayton meeting, I noticed these huge soda machines in the hallway.  When I was in high school, I think there was one Coke machine in the basement – which was too far away to be used most of the day and who had the money?

What really shocked me was that the WHS machines were packed with cans of “soda” that serve only as caffeine-delivery systems.

Why in the world would the Waupaca School Board allow high-caffeine drinks to be offered in the high school?

Caffeine Levels:

Coke   34 mg

Pepsi   38 mg

Mountain Dew   54 mg

Mountain Dew Kickstart   92 mg  <—  currently offered at WHS

Teenagers already know that Mountain Dew is “better” than other sodas, even if they don’t know why.  Now we are catering to their caffeine addiction – right in the school.

Mountain Dew markets Kickstart as a “breakfast soda”.  What in the hell is a breakfast soda?!

It wasn’t that long ago that a local school board went ballistic over the subject of serving chocolate milk in its schools.

How much distance lies between a teenaged caffeine addiction and a 20-something heroin addiction?  Less than you think.  What they are learning is that their body responds in a positive way to a chemical, and they know how to feed their bodies with that chemical.

I think the subject of these caffeine laced “breakfast sodas” should come before the Waupaca School Board – posthaste.